What will we do?

Hello! I'm Hisashi, the organizer of Hallucigenia Handstand Festival.

I'm Sakurako, the co-organizer.

So, what the heck is about a handstand festival?

I'm sure many people wonder like that, so Hisashi, please tell us a little bit about it!

Ok, I'll explain!

First of all, the general framework is a workshop festival.

We invite teachers from a wide variety of genres that are related to handstand. Take as many various handstand classes as you want!

We will make the festival enjoyable for everyone, from the very beginner to the expert!

We made a video introducing the festival while standing upside down, so take a look! ↓↓

Introduction of the fes (Japanese subtitle)

Introduction of the fes (English subtitle)


So what kinds of workshops will we have?

We will have roughly main workshops and mini workshops.

The main workshop includes a beginner class, an advanced class, and a stretching class. Each class lasts about 1.5 hours.

In the mini-workshop, you can learn specific handstand techniques and try various genres of handstand.

It will be a little short, about 45 minutes to an hour.

Main workshops 【For beginners】

Classes for beginners.

For everyone.

Even if you have never done handstand before, no problem. You will learn how to start handstand without fear, how to practice safely, tips and tricks. Get a taste of the fun of handstand!

Main workshops 【For intermediate・advanced】

Class for people with handstand experience.

If you can hold handstand, take the intermediate/advanced classes to try new techniques, clean up your line, and practice toward a one-arm handstand.

Challenge yourself with difficult handstand and aim high!

Main workshops 【Stretching】

Flexibility is very important for handstand.

You will learn useful stretches for handstand and how to take care of your body so that you do not hurt yourself. This is also a great option if you are getting exhausted from practicing handstand during the festival.

Learn to maintain your body not only for handstand, but also for your everyday life!

Mini workshops

Mini workshops are where you can learn specific techniques such as press handstand and leg moves. In addition to that, also you'll discover various genres that includes handstand such as acro yoga, break dance, and martial arts.

Experience the wide range of expression and possibilities of handstand!

Sounds fun, right?

Show and game time

In addition to the workshops, there will be also show time and game time for all participants to enjoy together!

Showtime is a casual gathering where anyone can perform a short act or some ideas whatever they want.
The staff in charge will also give you a little lighting and music.

Of course, you can also just watch others perform!

Game time is a fun time for everyone to play a physical game involving handstand.
For instance, inverted ring toss and handstand Olympics!

Illustration might differ from the reality.

Life in the festival

This festival is camp style, so all participants will live together in a large building.

With 9 simple meals and a large public bathroom.

Although we don't have the luxury services of a resort hotel, this is a special experience where you can share food and shelter and spend four days doing handstand with your handstand friends!

It's really only available here!

You can find more detail inFAQ page,so please check it out.

Illustration might be not too far from the reality.

Time table

The time table will be like this👇 below.

Half day each for the first day and last day.

You can take all the workshops in a greedy style, or you can take a break and work at your own pace!

I would like you to come as much as possible when we get together as a whole. It is fun when everyone is there.

(*Schedule is being adjusted, so it may change a bit in the future. Please understand 🙏)

Ten Articles to Enjoy Festivals

Last but not least, the ten articles for enjoying the festival.

Please bring your love for handstand with you to our Hallucigenia Handstand Festival!

The handstand journey continues before and after the festival!

We are excited to meeting you all! See you there!

Illustration: Dachoju-giga https://chojugiga.com